Manufacturer of 5 KG blocks and supplier of various coir pith products.

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Manufacturer of 5 KG blocks (Low E.C and High E.C blocks) and supplier of various coir pith products for growers all over the world and enables the farmers to achieve high yields and better quality. “The team of skilled and non-skilled employees in the company are the reason behind the journey”.
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Coir pith is a particle obtained in the process of fibre extraction from Coconut Husk, this is also called as “Coco peat”.

Benefits of Coco peat

  1. Purely a natural product
  2. High water holding capacity
  3. Retention of moisture
  4. Slow release of added nutrients to crop
  5. Enhance strong and healthy root system
  6. Good air porosity

Applications of Coco peat

  1. Potting medium
  2. Soil supplement
  3. Seed generation
  4. Tissue culture
  5. Hydroponic growers

Manufacturing Process

Raw material

Factory location is near the richest availability of Coconut field in Tamilnadu. We have plenty of Quality raw material available surrounding the factory location. We get the raw material on daily basis and the material is tested for any external material.


Raw material is spread evenly in beds and is washed with fresh water to reduce the E.C level and we will make sure that material is evenly washed. Tests are done on regular basis to reach the required E.C level. If the desired E.C level is reached the material is moved to the drying yard.


The complete unit is covered with compound wall to make the material free from external particles, the washed material is dried under open sky. Regular tests are done to check the moisture and at sufficient moisture the raw material is collected.


The raw material collected with sufficient moisture is sent through rotatory screener and vibrator and sand separators to remove any external materials present. The raw material is now ready for making into blocks based on the requirement.


The screened material which is free from foreign particles and good at moisture level and desired E.C level is sent for compaction.


Final product is packed based on the customer requirement, all the safety measures are taken while loading into the containers as these has to travel a long way in sea.

Our Products

5 KGs Blocks

Low E.C,High E.C.

Block Details

Size: 30*30*12 +/- 1cm
Weight: 4.8 to 5 kg
Compression ratio: 5:1
Expanded Volume: 75 lts

Technical details:

E.C: <0.5 ms/cm
Moisture: 12-15%